Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The unending competition -- Love's great Defeat

I think the industrial revolution ticked in a mindset that has since been very hard to reverse.

Simply stated, it's the unending competition for:

1. Power
2. Fame
3. Wealth

Sacrificing the benefits of:

1. Family
2. Happiness
3. Good Health
4. Life

Do you see that last one? Truly, when was the last time life and just living it happily was objective 1?

Isn't that the 500th objective after a sub set of objectives, leaving life as the last one.

But since when was living life the last objective?


In Defense of Productivity

This doesn't mean we should cease being efficient or doing things that better ourselves and others. People may take this as the hippy mantra. But that is suicidal and leads to people abdicating their duties, and loosing sight of their responsibilities.

By living life, I simply mean dedicating time to enjoying it, after the time has been dedicated to work/education.

So often in the modern years people forget that we live in one of the greatest times in mankind's history. Our forefathers have struggled and sacrificed to get us to this point, and yet we have yet to appreciate the great sights around us. We don't appreciated the train systems built on the backs of thousands of laborers. Trains which help transport a myriad of items to our stores.

When is the time to enjoy that and whom do we enjoy it with?


Consequences of unending work and the lack of love

Happiness is a function of love and support. One can be sick and happy, handicapped and happy, and in pain while happy. (not extreme pain of course)

Why don't we ask ourselves where the source of this love is? What do we love that can love and support us back?

  • Our work, even if we do love it, doesn't provide much love back. Yet we invest so much time in seeking it out and focusing on it. As if money is the panacea of all our problems.
  • Family on the other hand can be a very supportive construct, yet do we spend nearly as much time investing our effort in it?
  • The benefits of spirituality and religion or good works in general are also well known and documented, and yet a lot of people are sacrificing this part of their lives as well. They seem to throw away their responsibilities to their fellow man.

The attitude has changed, from helping others as a form of helping ourselves, to now helping others as a waste of our own time.

Fewer and fewer of us are investing time in finding or maintaining a significant other and divorces have been climbing; let's hope they don't get exponentially greater. Why is this part of life being disregarded?


What's your Point?

Simply put, the point of this post is to ask where the love of the last 100 years has gone. Has it filled our wallets?

Where is our health and youth?

What have we done with all our support network?

Where is that village to raise that child?

Why do we fight for this unending competition of resources. We are finite beings and only require a finite amount of resources. Yet we struggle as if it's an unending infinite walk uphill. Finally at the top of the hill stands life.

Life stands in front of you now. Grasp it, find your support networks, get the love you truly deserve, invest time in the proper ways, and get only what you need of the shiny toys that are sold in stores. (If you need any ---- I'm looking at you ipad..... :D)

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