Friday, September 24, 2010

Philosophy of Hate / Immigration / Isolationism -- No Irish Need Apply

(Nowadays that sign would say No Muslims or Hispanics need apply. The cycle of hate continues.)

A few tales from history:
  • Signs once read, No Irish need apply.
  • We once interned thousands of Japanese Americans, simply because of their ethnicity; an act that later we apologized for.
  • We used to deny Human rights to Black people, causing them to struggle through a long and grueling ordeal just to be considered a full human being on paper.
  • There was a time where we kept the Chinese immigrants in California working like slaves. A form of neo-indentured servitude.
  • Anti-semetism was once popular before as well, but who today would dare make fun or demonize someone by calling them Jewish? How bigoted and rude would that be?
My question:

So then why are new labels, used by republicans and based on religion or ethnicity, acceptable today?


We have this affinity for hate, and distaste for immigration. Regardless of the facts that immigration is actually less today, and people are actually more productive now than they ever were because of technology. We still hate immigrants or any strange people.

People still stoke this fear of the unknown nonsense.

What did it all lead to but more hate?

Why am I even writing about all this; simply because the new label of death has become Muslim.

Listen to Sarah Palin applying it to Barack Obama, ever so skillfully:

(Now keep in mind I regularly call the President, Pocket Change Obama, and I disagree with the majority of what he's done, but I don't demonize him or stoke fear mongering by trying to label him Muslim today, as others would have called him Irish before just to score political points and stoke fear of individuals or ethnicities.)

Who ever bothered to say George Walker Bush?

No one did.

Even though his father shared his name, no one bothered mentioning his middle name on television while he was president. They knew who people meant when they said George Bush.

Actually if you were speaking of his father you'd say George H. W. Bush.

Do you know why Sarah said Hussein?

Philosophers are always asked to look deeper and analyze the substance of what people say and feel. In this situation it's quite obvious why the term Hussein was used.

In this case, Obama is no better than an Irishman, a China-men, a Jap, a Muslim, Black Man, or a Jew. All labels of hatred, and all used for political purposes.

The fact remains, all those people are alike, because all people are alike. We are judged not by the color of our skins, but by the content of our character.

Shame on anyone who uses those terms to try and diminish someone's honesty, credibility, or reputation.

Shame on them.

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