Monday, December 21, 2009

Redefined focus

(Focus on what's best in life and blur the bad. Efficiency in life will never occur unless you focus on the right aspects of it and understand what to leave behind.)

A few new redefined focuses I've thought about that i had to share:

  • 1) Money does not equal wealth, and neither equal happiness.

  • 2) Being Busy isn't the same as being productive.

  • 3) The timing is never right for the most important things in your life. Doing things eventually or soon never happens unless you plan it.

  • 4) Being bold and doing radical changes to your life, for the sake of happiness and not at the expense of others, is probably the best thing anyone can do. These changes, as a point of necessity before you choose them, must make you happier regardless of the consequences.

  • 5) Be different but not ignorant. Walking on your hands is not the same as deciding to walk faster or slower, one is different one is ignorant and inefficient .

  • 6) Do it now. What is it? Whatever you want done. Dream it, Plan It, Do it.

  • 7) Perspective is what focuses life, like a camera lens. Remember the grave when you feel materialistic, remember others success when you feel proud, and remember the billions of others who have less than you when you feel greedy.

  • 8) Execution is everything. An idea changes shape as it's executed. The best final results come from the best execution, not the best ideas. I can have the greatest business idea for a store ever but if I don't execute it right and I go bankrupt, it's not the Ideas fault, but how I ran my business.
  • 9) Be thankful for your blessings because, truthfully, everyone is blessed. If you're religious like me you give your thanks for these many blessings to God who has been nothing but generous with us. Besides blessing us with our 5 senses, all our limbs, the ability to stay healthy, our family, our friends, protecting our honor by hiding our secrets, and spreading our success without us lifting a finger; God constantly forgives us for our lack of notice of His blessings and our many slip ups that are the result of our ignorance or irrationality.


Final Thoughts

My new focuses, My new outlooks, My new schedule. Take what you can philosophically of the above and contemplate, contemplate, contemplate.

Every nugget of knowledge has wisdom. There is no way I, or any other author, can extract all the wisdom stored in our data(nuggets of knowledge/observations).

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