Saturday, October 10, 2009

The Superficial is Easy

It's been a while but seriously this had to come out. Literally I couldn't sleep until I got this off my chest.

This isn't just ordinary run of the mill frustration you see on Philosophy by a Phoenix, this is disillusionment. This is loss of hope. This is full on disbelief.


I see it, What more do I need?

The superficial is SOOOOOOOOO easy to spot. The hair, the eyes, the face, the skin, it's all right there in front of you. But we stay on it. We obsess. We stare. We disregard the rest.

It's pathetic, shallow, and it's corrupting America.
It's infuriating.

Are we nothing but our shells? Can a person not live like their shell dictates they should?


Philosophy and why this matters

Philosophy, as Plato described it, was the inner workings of everyday ideas and thought. What philosophers were SUPPOSED to do was to LEAVE the cave of the everyday, transcend regular thought in a sense, and EXPLORE the outside.

With new ideas, points of view, and insight they came back into the cave to share with the world their epiphanies.

I'M IN A WORLD WHERE THAT ISN'T HAPPENING ANYMORE. How can I continue to live in a world where the topic of the day is someone's shell? A person's worth is simply their shell.


This isn't just looks

If all you've read into this so far is beauty, you're not reading far enough. This isn't just about beauty, this has to do with the masks we where. There are so many people who are so good at wearing masks that other people buy their stories and ACCEPT their SHELLS.

Their persona, their facade, their alter ego is what society perceives them to be. No one drives deeper, no one questions these presuppositions, and no one works to be critical anymore.


Why it's so personal

Sincerity is easier to spot for some than others. When some people see insincerity, the mask being put on, and a fake alter ego taking over, it's like watching someone sip poison.

Then it's like watching your friends sip poison as they buy that persons story.
The superficial is easy to accept but it's hard to be critical of, in this day and age.

The seemingly nice guy, is the prideful, always manipulating, selfish person who lies underneath his exterior mask.


Light shining from the distance

The only thing keeping me from loosing all hope together is a friend who is the exact opposite of their shell. In nearly every way I've poked and prodded they've chosen the higher path.
Most people don't see the value in such a person and they may be glanced off by you because you didn't prod deeply.

You might think they're just an ordinary preppy or valley girl, and would label them as such.
Most DO this. Most have written this person off. Most do not understand this person's value.

I live in a world where to be sincere, to sacrifice your superficial life, and to transcend out of our normal caves is the work of Mad men.

And ALL I mean by leaving the cave, is leaving the norm. Asking tough questions. Trying to examine people based on their TRUE feelings and ideas, not what they portray.

Testing what they portray.
Being Critical of what they portray.

Leaving the cave, hundreds of years ago, required much more work than that and required justifying your positions but philosophers nowadays don't even need that to be considered out of the cave.

Now just testing the waters, making sure someone is who they say they are, is extreme.

The superficial is easy, it's boring, it's a mask. Prod deeper into who someone is.
Don't be that stereotypical pig of a guy or that woman who needs the John Wayne cowboy.

LOOK BEHIND the superficial. You might actually find a person lying behind the veil.

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