Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Courtesy with Sincerity

(Courtesy with Sincerity lead the boat of life towards the realms of peace and tranquility)

Courtesy with sincerity is the most treasured commodity in this world to me.

That along with constantly struggling to following the truth, is what every single human should strive for.

"Courtesy costs nothing and buys everything"(1) and to do so sincerely means to put your heart into it.

You can be ruthless, you can be cruel, and you can force your opponent to bow to you.

But then you end up no better than a coward, hiding in a hole, selfishly trying to take whatever you can from the world, while your life slowly ticks away.

The world stands firm with 6 and a half billion people.

The strongest of these people raise their brothers and sisters around them.

The weakest oppress and suppress them.

In principle, we are always one or the other.

This year, evaluate your decisions, and analyze yourself, so you will not become one of these oppressors, leading to the suffering of your fellow brethren.


(1) All the inspiration for this post came directly from Hassanain Rajabali, on his third night of Muharram speech in Toronto, Canada.

He simply had said, "Courtesy costs nothing, it buys everything", for all these principals to come rushing forth to me. That man could inspire me, every second of every day, for the rest of my life if he was near me.

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