Saturday, January 24, 2009

Computer Safety Red Alert

(I welcome the day our computers can be half as safe as a new born baby chick)

We all take computer safety for granted.

I did for years, and i became complacent after a while.

Sure there were those massive computer attacks during the early 2000 era, and they continued up till about 2004, but those days are over now arn't they?


I just had my first major attack in about 5 years today.
(Getting Trojans or port scans is not a major event for me. But having Window's files corrupted definitely is)

Most people see my computer specs or my programs and don't bother pinging me or port scanning me.

Ignore the terms if you don't exactly understand them, but just think of a thief looking at the outside of a home, and through the windows.

But someone finally got in, and his program executed, something that rarely happens with Nod32 (my anti-virus) around.

Anyways my anti-virus got it but by then the damage was done and my system32 folder was partly currupted.


So after being forced to restart and finding that my computer is freezing, and using system resources like no tomorrow, i get the "server busy" error, which is 2009's Blue screen of Death lol.

Anyways, with that kind of problem, you can't run anti malware or spyware programs; because you can't run anything.

System restore came to the rescue for me, i found a way to execute it in safe mode.

1. Restart your system
2. When the system first boots, type F8 to bring up the boot menu
3. Select the Safe Mode with Command Prompt option
4. Log-on as administrator if needed
5. At your command prompt type %systemroot%\system32\restore\rstrui.exe
6. Hit Enter
6. This will open the system restore wizard…


That seems to have fixed the freezing and I'm all set now, but i have to wonder when computers will get more proactive then reactive.

Our body survives because it proactively goes after threats and puts up very strong defenses.

If computers could harness a tenth of that power, we'd have a new age of computer security.

Stay on the look out everyone, for your computer safety.

I recommend Comodo Firewall and Nod32 at the very least.


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