Thursday, December 25, 2008

Using Time Wisely - Seven Pounds Movie

It's a movie you have to see, that encompasses my last post perfectly. *

Time is everything, don't let us sit idly by and do nothing while we burn in it.

This movie has received a lot of negative reception, and I don't care really. We voted Bush twice into the presidency, so maybe I'll trust other people's perceptions some other time.

I can't describe this movie as well as how Todd McCarthy did.

He puts it perfectly:

He characterized the film as an "endlessly sentimental fable about sacrifice and redemption that aims only at the heart at the expense of the head."

Will, this is an astounding role you did, it's completely unlike you. It cuts out all your charisma, and we were watching a completely different character up there.
He spoke in ways you don't, he acts in ways you don't, he had mannerisms you didn't, it was a work of acting genius.

Very Early on i knew what the movie was in full, and what would happen, i don't know if that was intentional and normal, or if i was just a unique viewer.

Either way it kept my attention, every waking second.

It's a drama, it's a love story, it's sacrifice, it's hope, it's DETERMINATION, and it's strength.

7 days to create the earth, 7 seconds to destroy, 7 pounds to rebuild.
One consistent determination.


*= (I noticed that sentance rhymed after i proofread it lol)

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