Friday, December 26, 2008

It's easier to see Harm than it is to see Good

I've read things such as, "Religion has done more harm than good" and statements like this need to be reanalyzed.

All sorts of friends can name off a number of mean things you've done to them, or mistakes you've made, but ask them to remember 10 generous gestures and they go blank.

The harm is easier to see than the good.

No one sees the people comforted by religion, who do not smoke or drink, who live lives of ease.

What people see are the zealots who kill others and start wars, and they ascribe religion to be the cause and the only cause of that.


I want to keep this one short, because it was a moment of intense inspiration, when i read that quoted sentence above online and it lit a fire under me.

You need to reevaluate ANY claim made by ANY one who says something does more harm than good, because good has a way of hiding and blending into the background, while harm and evil jump out at you.

It's another reason why News channels prefer stories of death, than to stories of achievement and thanks.


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