Monday, November 3, 2008


(I need my peers to stop following the crowd and start following what's important)

Life is all about priorities.
For some reason, my generation doesn't seem to understand that.

The inspiration for this post came from watching a small group of people in front of my college, protest for a proposition on the Ballot.

It was proposition 8 and it includes removing the right of Gay people to vote.
There were 2 groups of protesters, one for the proposition and one against.
I asked myself one thing, that probably no one there did, "Is this the most important issue on the ballot, the most important proposition that needs to pass or fail?"

Prop 7

The answer was simple, it wasn't the most important issue, or even near it.

The most important proposition in my mind was proposition 7.

California Proposition 7 would, if approved, require California utilities to procure half of their power from renewable resources by 2025. California utilities will be required to increase their purchase of electricity generated from renewable resources by 2% annually to meet Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS) requirements of 40% in 2020 and 50% in 2025. Under current law, investor-owned utility companies must comply with an RPS of 20% by 2010.



Marriage or Energy independence?

So I know proposition 8 only affects gay couples, but just to be fair, I'll assume my right to marriage is in jeopardy.

So i ask myself, what's more important, Marriage or Energy independence?

The answer for me and millions of Californian's is simple, Energy independence.
Are we blind or something?
Is this question a joke?
Is this even a contest? Should we even be comparing such things that clearly have a night and day difference of importance?

My peers

So being told that... why are those protesters focused on prop 8?

I don't get it... i've seen them there almost every time i go to college, for more than 2 weeks.

Why put so much focus on marriage?

Have they even heard of proposition 7, or the other amazing ones that NEED to pass, that NEED our support to change America and California?


Potential movements Die, with the power of 1,000 civil rights movements.

I lower my head now, and i ask the people of the future who read this, to pity me.

To pity me as they see me in history, having to deal with such problems.

This isn't the period of hatred and violence, back with racism and segregation.

This is the period of Ignorance and laziness, the time where we thirst for no knowledge and quench our questions with biased water.

I ask the people of future years to help me never let this happen again, to never allow the media to so totally push us away from the CENTRAL issues of our time.

Please, help me, as i watch the important things in life drift away, as i watch a potential movement as strong as the civil rights, die.

I watch potential movements, with the power to bring down nations, wallow away.

Spreading information, Shining the light that will start the movements of my time

I watch as my peers sit by complacently, as if the world is as it should be.

I see the world and treat it as it should be, not how it is, and what we have now, will never be acceptable to me.

If a movement won't start and a people will not rise, I will turn on a light so bright, that no one will be able to look away.

I just hope others can help me carry the burden, helping to awaken the mass of sleeping people, put there by their manipulators(Dual party system) and their media(ABC, CBS, FOX, MSNBC, and CNN).

Rest well my peers, soon you'll be awakened and actualized.
We'll have third party candidates and Governmental coalitions some day.

A light bright enough to awaken my peers, where can such a light be found? How can such a newspaper be made? Might this blog serve as that first candle?

The information will get to them, the question is how.


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