Sunday, November 16, 2008


A simple plea, from a humble soul:

Imagine the world without war...hope this ends...why can't we all live in peace?

And my response to their plea:

We can't live in peace, because not enough people are getting up and building it.

Peace is a building, it's a job, it's a hard days work.

But everyone forgets it, and no one puts in the effort to build it.

We don't want peace, we want greed, we want to be special, we want to have power.

If you want to help, you have to first get up, but no one will stand with you, I stand alone now as it is.


Look into the eyes of a person, peer into their soul.

Don't listen to them, don't let them sway you, watch them, and see their inner desires.

Power is what you'll see most of the time, then comes greed, then comes the need to be special.

Peace will come, when the lazy stand up, and the powerful feel pain; not physical, but emotional pain.

Peace will come when people remember their death, remember this life is as quick as a dream.

All i hear is peace out of the mouths of people, yet all i see is greed inside the souls deep within.

Sincerity is a dying commodity and most people know not what they truly want.


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