Monday, November 10, 2008

North Korea

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The Media's Enemies, scapegoats to keep you busy and looking away from the real ones.

Where in Syria do you have concentration camps?

Where can you find a brutal dictatorship in Jordan?

What kind of people are enslaved in dungeons in Iran?

Under Saddam Hussein did people suffer from hunger and disease, as famine ravaged their bodies and caused them to grow slower than a normal human would?

Does Venezuela constitute a Nuclear threat?

Since when did Cuba go on killing rampages and try to starve off it's own people?


Our true enemies lie hidden

It's simple, the media has been painting a picture that is clearly false.

None of the countries listed above has anywhere near a track record as bad as North Korea.

Yet what has this Government been doing, in talks with North korea?

It has been scaling back measures, appeasing the North Koreans by taking them off the list of Terrorist Nations(thereby helping their economy and stopping certain sanctions).

"U.S. Declares North Korea Off Terror List"

A man of Hitlers Caliber

Have we not looked into the Eyes of Hitler before? He is Kim John Il, and yet we do nothing. Have we not learned from WW1 and WW2?

Every year, every moment, every time i hear of North Korea, I shudder, I stand still, i wait, seeing if anyone else looks into the evil that i see.

Where is our shining beacon of hope America?

Where is the peace we offer to the rest of the world?

When will we valiantly come to help, as we say we do, as we say we've done in Iraq?(Although those intentions were far less selfless)

Where is our hand that holds, the shadow that protects, the ever watching policeman of the world?

Has he failed us?

America, have you left the North Koreans to fend for themselves?

And what of Somalia, The Congo, and Darfur?

Where are you United Nations?

Have you failed us yet again?

As the Gaza strip (Palestine) lies in Darkness, with 500,000-600,000 people living in Darkness (50% of them Children), I feel as if a veil has lifted over the world.


The shining new spirit that fills the whitehouse, leaves the world in pieces

Barack Obama, you may have shined some happiness and hope in the world, but you do nothing when it comes to fighting true evil.

Mr. President Elect, I call you a failure and a coward for not addressing the starving and enslaved people of the world.

Mr. President Elect, there remains at least 1 person that sees the world as it truly is.

Mr President Elect, there remains at least 1 person, who watches you walk by, as the world lays in tatters on the floor.

You have 4 years, yet you look away from the problems that we truly face.

Mr. President Elect, I am the first person whom you have failed but i won't be the last.


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