Friday, November 14, 2008

Economic divide

This post wasn't made because of the above amazing video but because of a very important comment.

It read:
"what you fail to mention is, these people in the top 1% already pay a higher percentage of tax, and they are the guys that MAKE jobs also. If we are going to tax the guys that use money to create jobs, the free market economy will fail, and we will become socialist like France. I suppose we will see that happen now that Obama has won. You'll be sorry. All the great everyday aspects of life will disappear because no one will strive to innovate since Obama will take their hard earned money anyway."

Oh wow did that fire me up lol.

I came shooting back with:

"Oh and btw for that other guy who said taxing the rich was bad for the economy, I've just got to say:

'Hey buddy... cars don't buy cars, homes don't buy homes, and the economy doesn't buy itself.

The better the spending power from below, the better the top does. It's simple logic.

Or did that commenter think that cars magically sold to faeries?' "

The rich can't afford it

It's not just him, lots of people believe this very amusing ideology.

The commenter is basically saying we have to ease the stress on the richest Americans so they can afford to hire people to make more money.

We're talking about rich people being able to afford something...

Isn't this some kind of oxymoron?
You're not labeled rich, or in the top .1% unless you have access to VAST amounts of resources... so why are we worried about how much THEY can afford.

What about the 25% of Americans making less than 30k, who can barely afford living...

You know if you empowered them, their spending power would go up, and more people could make money as a result.

But no... that's illogical, letting people keep more money, to spend more, to stimulate the economy... that doesn't make sense... right?

It makes more sense to lower taxes on the super rich, without asking them to use that extra money...


Yea... people really need to analyze their logic before they go off spewing it all over youtube or Libertarian forums.

The Majority of America Uplifted by Less taxes

I don't like Barack as you saw from my last post but his plan doesn't raise a dime in taxes for people who make $250k or less.

As you saw from the video, he's protecting more than 95% of America that way.

And again, if someone is allowed to keep more money, he can spend more, which lets business flourish.

This was seen during the New deal by FDR, where he kept the economy going through government programs and government work organizations.

He allowed people to work and spend, and kept the economy ticking away until WW2 took us out of the depression.

Inspiration comes at weird times

So as i mentioned in previous posts I only write when I'm inspired and a sure fire way of doing that is holding positions that the above commenter held. These positions he held were complete misconceptions and untruths about the economy and opinions based on nothing but the rumors and lackluster logic.

Anyways the comment did allow people on this blog to see that amazing video so I guess the commenter did do some good after all.

Economic standpoints:
Cars don't buy cars, if you want spending power and you want to stimulate the economy you must give that power to those who need it the most and those that number in the most.

Moral standpoint:
A people are only as good as how they treat the lowest members of their society.

No matter how you look at it, uplifting the lowest rungs of society is never a bad thing.
That's why I'm a socialist.


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