Wednesday, November 5, 2008

California Proposition Results

So here are the results of our propositions for 2008:

  • The Numbers below the propositions represent the percentage of votes.
  • The left number is the "yes" votes and the right number is the "no" votes.
  • An X next to a proposition means it didn't match my vote.
  • ## Represents a Bond. Those Props are 1, 3, 10, and 12.

## X 1) High speed rail: Yes
52.1 to 47.9

2) Farm Animal treatment: Yes
63.1 to 36.9

## X 3) Children's Hospitals: Yes
54.8 to 45.2

X 4) Abortion Notification: No
48 to 52

X 5) Drug offense leniency: No
40.1 to 59.1

X 6) Increased spending for Cops: No
30.8 to 69.2

X 7) Renewable Energy, 50% provided by Renewable by 2025: No
35.2 to 64.8

8) Gay Marriage Ban: Yes
52.5 to 47.5

9) Victim's rights: Yes
53.5 to 46.5

## 10) Alternative Fuel Cars: No
40.3 to 59.7

11) Redistricting by Registered Voters not Politicians: Yes
50.6 to 49.4

## X 12) Veterans Bond for Loans: Yes
63.5 to 36.5

Source (Check out the source to see some interactive information. Check proposition results in counties and see detailed spreading of votes.)


So 7 of the propositions did not folllow my vote, but luckily 5 did.
That's a 41.66% success rate. Not ideal but for politics that's definitely an A.

Sadly the one initiative i wanted to pass most was Prop 7. The reason it failed was supposedly weak wording or creation by lawyers. Regardless it's not hard to write on a piece of paper, "50% of our electricity will be renewable by 2025".

That single line was enough for me. I guess it wasn't enough for the vast majority of California though. :(


3 of the 4 that we proposed passed. I hope people actual looked at their General Election Voting Guides because I get the feeling they didn't...

I swear it's like we're in a mall, and we see some shiny toys, and regardless of the price we want it. It's a crazy shoppers mentality.

I would have been happy loosing to Prop 12, that doesn't make me angry. It's a small bond and it has a good chance of being paid back.

But prop 1.... was a joke, anyone doing a little research would have figured it out.
Prop 3 was a scam, giving money's to institutions that don't CATER to children. You'd think by the name of the proposition that they would, but the exact definition of Children's hospital was so vague that it allowed MOST hospitals to receive funding....

Private hospitals that have nothing to do with children would be eligible.... by simply treating a large number of children.

It's sad, 2 bonds, both scams, both passed, and one of them being the biggest project that California has ever funded. Prop 1 will drive us into a hole, financially, by being the biggest project ever constructed here.

All for what? So we can pay $50, as the voter's guide said, to get on a train to San Francisco? Yea, like going there is important, while we watch our own infrastructure crumble.

We can't afford it:

On a final note, to all those people who said we couldn't afford health care, that we couldn't pay for better schools, that we couldn't pay our firefighters or cops more, that 1 trillion dollars to rebuild all of America's Infrastructure was just too much, that the minimum wage was too costly to increase, and that lowering taxes would cripple our economy

I'd just like to ask them one thing:


That's $700,000,000,000

Oh and on another note

HOW DID YOU INCREASE OUR DEFENSE BUDGET TO $515.4 BILLION DOLLARS.(The highest military budget since WW2)


Source (PDF) Source (Link)

Follow up:

NY Times article entitled "Proposed Military Spending Is Highest Since WWII"


We can't afford it.... yea right....

One day you'll have to have a bake sale to buy bombs and we'll be doubling OUR budgets!!


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