Tuesday, October 7, 2008

What would Jesus bomb?

I don't blame the American people for the blunder of the last 8 years.

I don't blame them for the financial crisis we're living in now.

I don't blame them for electing bush once(They elected gore the other time by half a million votes).

I blame the media.

Religion Morality and Media

Religion is all about morality, freedom all about expression, and media all about the transfer of information.

These three act as a balance and help create a harmony in a country. After all what is true freedom without a moral and just people? What is true religion without the freedom to express it and the ability to reach the masses? What is media without a moral and free society?

Who failed us?

Someone did fail us for the past 8 years, someone who has been keeping all their dirty little secrets hidden and sharing false propaganda.

Someone has been inflating the prices of homes and booming the stock market while the ordinary man and women lives no better.

Someone has hidden the very fabric of any free and just society, which is the accountability of it's leaders in power.


The media has the christian conservatives bombing Iraq.

The media brought 70% approval for the war when it was filled with lies.

The media lost 70% approval for the war once those lies were found.

There exists a free media, finding it is the hard part.

After finally having my eyes opened I see the media for all it is worth.

About half a year now without cable, I can finally see with unfiltered eyes and mind.

Stopping the Addiction

I encourage everyone to do the same as I have. Cut Cable, increase time with your family, and succeed in every goal you've set out to accomplish.

Once you're on the outside looking in, you see the manipulation of it all.

You see the chess moves made about Georgia and Russia, you see the half truths about Iraq and Iran, and you see the greed that stems from it all.

The traditional media has left us, they do not inform and they do not hold people to account for their sins.

All we can do now is wonder, how in the world did the media get christians to ask themselves what Jesus would bomb?

If they can do that, imagine what worse they can do.


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