Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Third post

"asimplesinner" our stances remain crystal clear, whether you want to admit it or not, you demonize muslims.

Just through reading your responses, it's clear you don't side yourself as an Ally of muslims.

The problem is, John Paul II did ally himself with Islam, and so did many of your leaders.

Your shield in all of this was simply writing an article, but your beliefs stem deeper than that, they reverberate in your responses.

Even if the article is o.k and accepted by us, your beliefs in this discussion are not.


You do as many people have done, you ask for Muslim Condemnation of evil actions.

You continuously ask it, even when we both agree that something is AGAINST Islam, you ask for our condemnation of it. Again even after we agree it goes against the religion.

Where have the muslim's condemned it?
Why do the moderates not speak up?
Where is the majority?

These all reverberate through your comments.

The problem is, your eyes are closed, there are muslims here condemning such things who are speaking to you as you read this.

And as for political condemnations:

The strongest governmental muslim organization that routinely condemns acts of violence.

If you had bothered to look for condemnation you would have found it, the problem is you shut your eyes to it. That organization is headquartered in Washington and is a powerhouse for muslim political activity.

Again if you had bothered looking for it, you would have found it, the problem is you don't actively look for condemnation.


1.3 billion muslims are condemning the actions of a few, and are upset with their governments.

Just because your media doesn't show it, doesn't mean it isn't there.

Try watching Al Jazeera English, or the BBC, and get an international Viewpoint, maybe you'd become less biased.

CNN and MSNBC are not in the business of informing you, they're in the business of business.



After I wrote that and posted in on the Black Cordelia's blog, it said the comment was discarded.

I tried submitting it again, but that name is now set to auto discard all comments.

I assume I'm not invited to speak on the blog anymore, maybe they don't want to have true discussions, whatever the case, i'll make this clear in my next post to them, and ask them why they don't welcome open debate.


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