Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Stealing my Vote

I've received my voting ballot and i've only got one thing to say:


The threats:
Vote Obama or McCain wins and destroys the country.

You will not steal my vote. Threats like this will not work against me.

I have lost faith in both parties and i feel the manipulators need to go.
Those in power, who have been in power, for decades, have had their time.
My generation has had enough and we will remove you from power, your reign is done.

I wrote about the manipulators in this article:

It clearly outlines the lies and cheating of both parties and shows how both of them use us.

One vote is no vote, and i refuse to vote for the powerful party that will not bring change.

South Africa has the ANC, and there is a power struggle going on with the sacking of Tabo Mbeki.

We need that same power struggle going on now.

The debates were fake

The Debates were organized by a bi-partisan commission of democrats and republicans.

They tied the hands of the Moderators in these debates by refusing them to ask secondary questions that FORCED the candidates to EXPLAIN their positions.

Must see video about this:

Our topic is discussed 1 minute into the video.

These debates are a joke, Sarah Palin WOULDN'T EVEN ANSWER THE QUESTIONS!

And where were the third parties?

I remember them in 2004 and in 2000, but they're gone now...


America: The way it should be, not the way it is.

I'm sorry America, but I see you as you should be, through the change that should happen, and that means i will not be voting for the manipulators in this election.
Those who control massive amounts of power and who do whatever they want with it.

I will be voting 3rd party and I will vote for those who will empower the middle class, lift up the poor, and make the rich pay their fair dues.

I'm voting for Energy independence and Health care.

I'm voting for the way things should be, Not how they are.

I will not be standing with you Mr. Obama, and for the next 4 years, I will take no blame in the mistakes you make or the lies you've told.

This is a foretelling of the manipulation to come and the problems that will remain unsolved.

America hasn't gone to sleep, it just has fallen and doesn't have the will to get up and fight.
When you choose to get up America, I will be standing there with you.

I'm voting 3rd Party, I'm voting for a second choice, I'm voting for the America we believe in.

2 parties, 1 vote, what are you voting for, the same party who did nothing for you last time?

Will you let them steal your vote away again?


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