Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Second Post to Cordelia

A second post, after my previous one, just to hit home that the Papacy is not at war with Islam, and neither are the Catholics, as some of them would want.


Oh as a last note, Pope John Paul II said something you probably are too proud to say, and yes he believed it, as you should:

"In August 1985, when he visited Morocco at the invitation of King Hassan II, he became the first pope to visit an officially Islamic country at the invitation of its religious leader.

There, at a historic meeting with thousands of Muslim youths in Casablanca Stadium, he emphasized that "we believe in the same God, the one God, the living God."

Christianity, the true version of it, is not at war with Islam.

But some factions of the church, such as some writers of this blog, are fighting the church and fighting the teachings of Christianity.

Peace is the way to prosperity, not hate or ignorance.



A Simple Sinner said...

"Peace is the way to prosperity, not hate or ignorance."


Now where is your statement of condemnation about the hateful remarks:

"Women without the veil are a danger that the authorities underestimate," said Hojatolislam Seyyed Ahmad Elmalhoda, a powerful cleric who leads the Friday prayers in Mashad, a site considered sacred for Shia Muslims as it houses the shrine of Imam Reza.

"This situation is very serious in that if men see these bad women, they will turn into beasts, and then the whole of society will have to pay the consequences."

According to the Shia cleric, women who do not respect conservative Islamic dress rules are "sources of all that is bad in society."

We wait with baited breath!

Thee Phoenix said...

I condemn these comments of course.

Women are not the source of all that is bad in society, even women who don't wear veils.

And men do not become beasts when they see them, the only ones that do have no self discipline.


Again i condemn those remarks, but you must have known that i would, who would believe this type of extremist talk.

Remember this is a foreign country, thousands of miles away, and it's a quote from an unknown person with very little weight.

When someone powerful in the muslim world, a respected shia cleric says something to this affect, look for it to be a more important event.

But there are little extremists everywhere, 1.3 billion muslims, statistically you have to make room for the extremists on the bell curve.

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