Tuesday, October 28, 2008

They Preach water but Drink Wine

(We're an ever changing puzzle, very few can understand, let alone solve)

Someone on the Riz khan show today said an excellent quote "They preach water but they drink wine".

They were referring to America on a number of issues. The issue focused on in that episode was transparency in our election.

America was calling for free and open elections but was not meeting their commitments with electronic ballots and voter fraud allegations.

We make fun of Zimbabwe and Kenya when they have censored and biased elections, yet we do very little to upgrade our own system.

A few other things America preaches but refuses to drink themselves:

  • Anti-Nationalization of businesses for government (AIG, and many other banks were nationalized)
  • Health care for it's people.(50 million strong don't have it)
  • Free media, not affected by big business
  • Invasions of countries such as how Georgia was invaded by Russia, after it invaded south ossetia (Iraq war stands as a clear contradiction to this as well as our past history)

America wants a lot of things, but it is too hypocritical when it comes to applying it's own standard to itself.

We want freedom yet we take the freedom of others away.

We want fair elections and transparency, yet we allowed 2 elections to be stolen by bush.

We need to preach water, and drink it too.

We've become drunk from all this wine and the hangover has yet to come.

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