Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Possible final post on Cordelia Blog

Btw, why is it that my comments are discarded now on this blog?

I had to change the name just to post this.

Maybe i'm unwelcome now, and an open discussion isn't what you wanted.
That's fine, because in the end I only want to speak to people willing to listen.

Why waste my energy, and yours, if you seem to not want to take in anything I say?

Again I'm asking why my comments on the name "Theephoenix" are being discarded?

And if it's because you don't want an open discussion, I'm fine with going away.

Next time place a disclaimer on the site: "No opposing views shall be endorsed or expressed, and the vilification of Islam will remain, regardless of our Previous Pope's Views or the Teachings of Jesus Christ, the uniter of humanity."


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