Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Morality losing to My Generation

There has been a gradual loss of morality as the years have ticked away.

I've been seeing general trends of immorality increasing.
It has gotten so bad that i get scared looking at how the kids are dressed at my middle school.

When i was that young, which wasn't that long ago, I would never see little girls wearing some of the small outfits they are now, or shirts with very flirtatious messages.

Just changing the position of the text of a shirt sometimes gives a provacative look. (On the chest of a girl for instance, another example given later as well.)

And all this at a middle school? That's 6-8th graders... or 11-13 year olds; children.

My Generation's Morality:

1) Cars: I was driving today and I was leaving College down the only road that heads to the freeway. 

Naturally lots of other classes end when mine ends so there was a long line of cars behind and in front of me. 

I passed two side streets and both had vehicles waiting. How long they wait depends on the generosity of the person.

If no car stops for them (Which by law they don't have to) they will probably be there for more than 10 minutes. If a car waits for 10 seconds, and lets them go, that is beneficial to both parties and a nice gesture.

So at the first side street i let someone go who just arrived there, and the driving becomes stop and go. 

After only about 20 ft or so (yet 2 minutes of waiting bumper to bumper), we get to the next  side street, and a guy wants to make a left into it. There were about 10-20 cars in front of me and none of them let him turn.

It would have taken less than 10 seconds and they would have been able to continue their stop and go experience.... but no one did it.

What happens to a world where people are not willing to be generous, by waiting less than 10 seconds?

I let the man pass and i was sad because i didn't know if anyone else would have. I thought of how long he might have had to wait.

I was shocked to see all those cars in front of me go, and none of them stop for him, to let the poor guy cross.


2) Clothes: This is something most guys won't appreciate because they've been enjoying this luxury for about 3 decades now.

Female clothing is getting ridiculous. 

  • Messages on her behind: Pants that have messages in places that are asking guys to look. The sad thing is that the mentality here in America is that there is nothing wrong with looking; actually your'e gay if you don't look. I saw a girl with pants like these, with nothing provacative on them, It simply had the USC school colors and had "USC" typed on the pants. She probably didn't see anything sexy or provacative about it at all though. But that's the problem...  She probably doesn't think it's bad but if she really thinks about it, she would see that it does turn guys on, and guys won't mind looking at the USC letters, not because of what's written but the fact that' it's on her nicely shaped behind.

  • Really high skirts or shorts/short jeans: For some reason, even in the coldest weather, there are always girls with very short skirts or short jeans on. Again, regardless of the cold. Btw it's rarely cold here in SoCal, so on those hot days, the weather begs those skirts to get worn and come out. 

  • Stomach: How can we forget the stomach look, it's been around for a while now and it's probably here to stay. This look though is seen as provacative, and it's a must for the party/clubbing life. Don't forget the accessory that is the belly button piercing.


3) Arguing: People have lost respect and morality in this manner. Discussions and dialogues have lost their meanings. What once was used as a medium to discuss and compare ideas has turned into a screaming match and mud slinging. 

People do not have proper conversations or discussions anymore.

What discussions should be about:

1) Taking insight and seeing problems in a different light
2) Wondering why the other side holds such beliefs.
3)  Discussing what positions would have to be true or false, for your friend to change their opinion on the topic. 

Right now it's all about, "I'm right, and here is why". It's never about, "What positions and complex of situations does the other person believe in that i don't, that causes their position."

You don't delve into why people might disagree, you just plain disagree, and that ruins a discussion, and turns it into an arguement. You then end up looking arrogant and stubborn.


People losing their ways:

They've lost it because they allow a man's sexual and animalistic desires to take hold.

They take women and transfer them from human beings, to objects of sexual attraction, something to be used and admired for shallow reasons, like an animal at the zoo. 

But she's worth more than that, she shouldn't be paraded around as your fantasy.
But Morality is fighting a loosing war.

Why would a women wear any pants that have writing written on their behind, knowing full well guys will read it, and actually asking them too, promoting the text by putting it in a sexual place. 

But what about good old plain manners? Why let a car wait 10 minutes when you can ease him of his suffering by waiting 10 seconds. 


To sum it up

There needs to be an awakening amongst females. They need to stop being used as sexual toys and treated as meat to be stared at.

They're more than that, they're intellectuals and nurturing souls, they've helped build this world into the strongest economies we've ever seen. 

They're not to be used and abused like we've been doing, and women need to stop enabling this by wearing horrible clothing. 

But none of this will change unless there is a feminine movement to do so. 

General Morality:
We need the Neighbor mentality, we need to sacrifice for others, in what little ways we can.

Let a car pass if you see they have to wait 10 minutes, and you only have to wait 10 seconds. 
Don't be impervious to the line of cars stacked behind you. 

Stop acting like you know everything, and take input from others. Actually listen to what they have to say, because if you don't, you'll never progress and will be wrong on many occasions. 
When you have a discussion, don't turn it into an argument of who is right and who is wrong.

In the end, everything I'm writing is futile, it's in vain, and it won't see the light of day.

A new morality is taking hold. A morality where cheating on your gf/bf is acceptable, and you're expected to forgive them. If not that, forgiving them is a serious option, when in reality it should only be used as a last resort, in desperate consequences. 

A new morality is taking over, one where it's o.k to hurt someone else's feelings.
If they're annoying or not as smart as you, they're inferior, so what should it matter to you if their feelings get hurt?
There's no one to stick up for them in this new world, and we all live for ourselves, not as a community.

A new morality is taking over, and i'm the last of a dying race. 

I will not sell out my fellow sisters on the world, for their mere looks or flesh. 
They will matter more to me than that.
They won't be paraded around and put on magazines with cars on them. 
They won't be forced into scandalous scenes, to make it big in the movie industry.

A new morality is taking over, and there is no room for "I'm sorry" anymore.

My Generation is holding the old morality in it's hands, and is prepared to strike out the last signs of life, of a dying people during a trying time.

A new morality is taking over, and i'm forced to live amongst it.


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