Tuesday, October 28, 2008

They Preach water but Drink Wine

(We're an ever changing puzzle, very few can understand, let alone solve)

Someone on the Riz khan show today said an excellent quote "They preach water but they drink wine".

They were referring to America on a number of issues. The issue focused on in that episode was transparency in our election.

America was calling for free and open elections but was not meeting their commitments with electronic ballots and voter fraud allegations.

We make fun of Zimbabwe and Kenya when they have censored and biased elections, yet we do very little to upgrade our own system.

A few other things America preaches but refuses to drink themselves:

  • Anti-Nationalization of businesses for government (AIG, and many other banks were nationalized)
  • Health care for it's people.(50 million strong don't have it)
  • Free media, not affected by big business
  • Invasions of countries such as how Georgia was invaded by Russia, after it invaded south ossetia (Iraq war stands as a clear contradiction to this as well as our past history)

America wants a lot of things, but it is too hypocritical when it comes to applying it's own standard to itself.

We want freedom yet we take the freedom of others away.

We want fair elections and transparency, yet we allowed 2 elections to be stolen by bush.

We need to preach water, and drink it too.

We've become drunk from all this wine and the hangover has yet to come.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Morality losing to My Generation

There has been a gradual loss of morality as the years have ticked away.

I've been seeing general trends of immorality increasing.
It has gotten so bad that i get scared looking at how the kids are dressed at my middle school.

When i was that young, which wasn't that long ago, I would never see little girls wearing some of the small outfits they are now, or shirts with very flirtatious messages.

Just changing the position of the text of a shirt sometimes gives a provacative look. (On the chest of a girl for instance, another example given later as well.)

And all this at a middle school? That's 6-8th graders... or 11-13 year olds; children.

My Generation's Morality:

1) Cars: I was driving today and I was leaving College down the only road that heads to the freeway. 

Naturally lots of other classes end when mine ends so there was a long line of cars behind and in front of me. 

I passed two side streets and both had vehicles waiting. How long they wait depends on the generosity of the person.

If no car stops for them (Which by law they don't have to) they will probably be there for more than 10 minutes. If a car waits for 10 seconds, and lets them go, that is beneficial to both parties and a nice gesture.

So at the first side street i let someone go who just arrived there, and the driving becomes stop and go. 

After only about 20 ft or so (yet 2 minutes of waiting bumper to bumper), we get to the next  side street, and a guy wants to make a left into it. There were about 10-20 cars in front of me and none of them let him turn.

It would have taken less than 10 seconds and they would have been able to continue their stop and go experience.... but no one did it.

What happens to a world where people are not willing to be generous, by waiting less than 10 seconds?

I let the man pass and i was sad because i didn't know if anyone else would have. I thought of how long he might have had to wait.

I was shocked to see all those cars in front of me go, and none of them stop for him, to let the poor guy cross.


2) Clothes: This is something most guys won't appreciate because they've been enjoying this luxury for about 3 decades now.

Female clothing is getting ridiculous. 

  • Messages on her behind: Pants that have messages in places that are asking guys to look. The sad thing is that the mentality here in America is that there is nothing wrong with looking; actually your'e gay if you don't look. I saw a girl with pants like these, with nothing provacative on them, It simply had the USC school colors and had "USC" typed on the pants. She probably didn't see anything sexy or provacative about it at all though. But that's the problem...  She probably doesn't think it's bad but if she really thinks about it, she would see that it does turn guys on, and guys won't mind looking at the USC letters, not because of what's written but the fact that' it's on her nicely shaped behind.

  • Really high skirts or shorts/short jeans: For some reason, even in the coldest weather, there are always girls with very short skirts or short jeans on. Again, regardless of the cold. Btw it's rarely cold here in SoCal, so on those hot days, the weather begs those skirts to get worn and come out. 

  • Stomach: How can we forget the stomach look, it's been around for a while now and it's probably here to stay. This look though is seen as provacative, and it's a must for the party/clubbing life. Don't forget the accessory that is the belly button piercing.


3) Arguing: People have lost respect and morality in this manner. Discussions and dialogues have lost their meanings. What once was used as a medium to discuss and compare ideas has turned into a screaming match and mud slinging. 

People do not have proper conversations or discussions anymore.

What discussions should be about:

1) Taking insight and seeing problems in a different light
2) Wondering why the other side holds such beliefs.
3)  Discussing what positions would have to be true or false, for your friend to change their opinion on the topic. 

Right now it's all about, "I'm right, and here is why". It's never about, "What positions and complex of situations does the other person believe in that i don't, that causes their position."

You don't delve into why people might disagree, you just plain disagree, and that ruins a discussion, and turns it into an arguement. You then end up looking arrogant and stubborn.


People losing their ways:

They've lost it because they allow a man's sexual and animalistic desires to take hold.

They take women and transfer them from human beings, to objects of sexual attraction, something to be used and admired for shallow reasons, like an animal at the zoo. 

But she's worth more than that, she shouldn't be paraded around as your fantasy.
But Morality is fighting a loosing war.

Why would a women wear any pants that have writing written on their behind, knowing full well guys will read it, and actually asking them too, promoting the text by putting it in a sexual place. 

But what about good old plain manners? Why let a car wait 10 minutes when you can ease him of his suffering by waiting 10 seconds. 


To sum it up

There needs to be an awakening amongst females. They need to stop being used as sexual toys and treated as meat to be stared at.

They're more than that, they're intellectuals and nurturing souls, they've helped build this world into the strongest economies we've ever seen. 

They're not to be used and abused like we've been doing, and women need to stop enabling this by wearing horrible clothing. 

But none of this will change unless there is a feminine movement to do so. 

General Morality:
We need the Neighbor mentality, we need to sacrifice for others, in what little ways we can.

Let a car pass if you see they have to wait 10 minutes, and you only have to wait 10 seconds. 
Don't be impervious to the line of cars stacked behind you. 

Stop acting like you know everything, and take input from others. Actually listen to what they have to say, because if you don't, you'll never progress and will be wrong on many occasions. 
When you have a discussion, don't turn it into an argument of who is right and who is wrong.

In the end, everything I'm writing is futile, it's in vain, and it won't see the light of day.

A new morality is taking hold. A morality where cheating on your gf/bf is acceptable, and you're expected to forgive them. If not that, forgiving them is a serious option, when in reality it should only be used as a last resort, in desperate consequences. 

A new morality is taking over, one where it's o.k to hurt someone else's feelings.
If they're annoying or not as smart as you, they're inferior, so what should it matter to you if their feelings get hurt?
There's no one to stick up for them in this new world, and we all live for ourselves, not as a community.

A new morality is taking over, and i'm the last of a dying race. 

I will not sell out my fellow sisters on the world, for their mere looks or flesh. 
They will matter more to me than that.
They won't be paraded around and put on magazines with cars on them. 
They won't be forced into scandalous scenes, to make it big in the movie industry.

A new morality is taking over, and there is no room for "I'm sorry" anymore.

My Generation is holding the old morality in it's hands, and is prepared to strike out the last signs of life, of a dying people during a trying time.

A new morality is taking over, and i'm forced to live amongst it.


Possible final post on Cordelia Blog

Btw, why is it that my comments are discarded now on this blog?

I had to change the name just to post this.

Maybe i'm unwelcome now, and an open discussion isn't what you wanted.
That's fine, because in the end I only want to speak to people willing to listen.

Why waste my energy, and yours, if you seem to not want to take in anything I say?

Again I'm asking why my comments on the name "Theephoenix" are being discarded?

And if it's because you don't want an open discussion, I'm fine with going away.

Next time place a disclaimer on the site: "No opposing views shall be endorsed or expressed, and the vilification of Islam will remain, regardless of our Previous Pope's Views or the Teachings of Jesus Christ, the uniter of humanity."


Third post

"asimplesinner" our stances remain crystal clear, whether you want to admit it or not, you demonize muslims.

Just through reading your responses, it's clear you don't side yourself as an Ally of muslims.

The problem is, John Paul II did ally himself with Islam, and so did many of your leaders.

Your shield in all of this was simply writing an article, but your beliefs stem deeper than that, they reverberate in your responses.

Even if the article is o.k and accepted by us, your beliefs in this discussion are not.


You do as many people have done, you ask for Muslim Condemnation of evil actions.

You continuously ask it, even when we both agree that something is AGAINST Islam, you ask for our condemnation of it. Again even after we agree it goes against the religion.

Where have the muslim's condemned it?
Why do the moderates not speak up?
Where is the majority?

These all reverberate through your comments.

The problem is, your eyes are closed, there are muslims here condemning such things who are speaking to you as you read this.

And as for political condemnations:

The strongest governmental muslim organization that routinely condemns acts of violence.

If you had bothered to look for condemnation you would have found it, the problem is you shut your eyes to it. That organization is headquartered in Washington and is a powerhouse for muslim political activity.

Again if you had bothered looking for it, you would have found it, the problem is you don't actively look for condemnation.


1.3 billion muslims are condemning the actions of a few, and are upset with their governments.

Just because your media doesn't show it, doesn't mean it isn't there.

Try watching Al Jazeera English, or the BBC, and get an international Viewpoint, maybe you'd become less biased.



CNN and MSNBC are not in the business of informing you, they're in the business of business.



After I wrote that and posted in on the Black Cordelia's blog, it said the comment was discarded.

I tried submitting it again, but that name is now set to auto discard all comments.

I assume I'm not invited to speak on the blog anymore, maybe they don't want to have true discussions, whatever the case, i'll make this clear in my next post to them, and ask them why they don't welcome open debate.


Second Post to Cordelia

A second post, after my previous one, just to hit home that the Papacy is not at war with Islam, and neither are the Catholics, as some of them would want.


Oh as a last note, Pope John Paul II said something you probably are too proud to say, and yes he believed it, as you should:

"In August 1985, when he visited Morocco at the invitation of King Hassan II, he became the first pope to visit an officially Islamic country at the invitation of its religious leader.

There, at a historic meeting with thousands of Muslim youths in Casablanca Stadium, he emphasized that "we believe in the same God, the one God, the living God."


Christianity, the true version of it, is not at war with Islam.

But some factions of the church, such as some writers of this blog, are fighting the church and fighting the teachings of Christianity.

Peace is the way to prosperity, not hate or ignorance.


Continuation of Hate on Black Cordelias

My reply to the continuation of hate on a christian blog.

Follow the discussion here:


80% of America doesn't want the Iraq war, but we're there now.

You think Just because 3 Muslim Countries make people wear Burkhas, that somehow 1.3 billion Muslims believe it?

That's called ignorance, Governments do what they like and manipulate religion how they like, they do not represent religion.


When was the last time a Protestant claimed that the Vatican had any leeway on their religion at all?

This is pure nonsense and "asimplesinner" is making futile points


His points include:

1) Burkha's are mandatory because they are enforced in some Muslim countries

That somehow makes Iraq a lawful war, even though 80% of Americans are against it and it still hasn't come to an end, even though WE elected a Democratic CONGRESS in 2006.

The fact is simple, whether you believe it or not: The burkha is a traditional garment.

IN Iran and Saudi Arabia and other places, they TRADITIONALLY have warn it, that doesn't make it mandatory or even beneficial.


Governments don't always reflect their people's wishes, as clearly demonstrated in IRAQ.


2) He argues Christianity does not mandate head coverings for women.

He agrees that the Bible Mandates it, but NO ONE FOLLOWS THE BIBLE.


The rule exists, women must cover their hair, Just because common day christians do not follow it, doesn't mean it doesn't exist.



You've been living in a box, or have not been watching the pope at all, because one of his strongest stances, during his papacy, was the healing of the wounds with Islam.

"The Vatican's 1999 declaration, "Memory and Reconciliation," subtitled "The Church and the Faults of the Past," which followed the 1992 apology for the persecution of the 17th-century astronomer and physicist Galileo, was a profoundly important act of grappling with the dark episodes of church history as part of a process the Holy See called "historical purification." In the litany of atrocities against Jews, Muslims, women, and ethnic groups, the Crusades were specifically mentioned. For the first time in church history, the Vatican, under John Paul II, apologized for what the Crusaders had done. Its impact was enormous, signifying a tectonic shift in Christian attitudes toward Islam. In guiding the church toward this repentance, Pope John Paul II allowed Muslims to re-connect with one of their own main theological figures-Jesus."


Not only did he do that, but he also kissed the Quran, http://tinyurl.com/5fdujo , a picture that i linked to above but you easily ignored.

Christianity does not demonize Islam, Neither did John Paul II, Neither does Jesus and he would never sanction such gruesome comments against it.

The question now remains, why do you?

You are clearly in the wrong when your own pope and prophet stand against you.

1.3 billion people wait for an apology, Slander and Liable are illegal in all democratic countries.


Stealing my Vote

I've received my voting ballot and i've only got one thing to say:


The threats:
Vote Obama or McCain wins and destroys the country.

You will not steal my vote. Threats like this will not work against me.

I have lost faith in both parties and i feel the manipulators need to go.
Those in power, who have been in power, for decades, have had their time.
My generation has had enough and we will remove you from power, your reign is done.

I wrote about the manipulators in this article:

It clearly outlines the lies and cheating of both parties and shows how both of them use us.

One vote is no vote, and i refuse to vote for the powerful party that will not bring change.

South Africa has the ANC, and there is a power struggle going on with the sacking of Tabo Mbeki.

We need that same power struggle going on now.

The debates were fake

The Debates were organized by a bi-partisan commission of democrats and republicans.

They tied the hands of the Moderators in these debates by refusing them to ask secondary questions that FORCED the candidates to EXPLAIN their positions.

Must see video about this:

Our topic is discussed 1 minute into the video.

These debates are a joke, Sarah Palin WOULDN'T EVEN ANSWER THE QUESTIONS!

And where were the third parties?

I remember them in 2004 and in 2000, but they're gone now...


America: The way it should be, not the way it is.

I'm sorry America, but I see you as you should be, through the change that should happen, and that means i will not be voting for the manipulators in this election.
Those who control massive amounts of power and who do whatever they want with it.

I will be voting 3rd party and I will vote for those who will empower the middle class, lift up the poor, and make the rich pay their fair dues.

I'm voting for Energy independence and Health care.

I'm voting for the way things should be, Not how they are.

I will not be standing with you Mr. Obama, and for the next 4 years, I will take no blame in the mistakes you make or the lies you've told.

This is a foretelling of the manipulation to come and the problems that will remain unsolved.

America hasn't gone to sleep, it just has fallen and doesn't have the will to get up and fight.
When you choose to get up America, I will be standing there with you.

I'm voting 3rd Party, I'm voting for a second choice, I'm voting for the America we believe in.

2 parties, 1 vote, what are you voting for, the same party who did nothing for you last time?

Will you let them steal your vote away again?


Saturday, October 11, 2008

Love thy Neighbor as thyself.

Hate among Christians for Muslims is very prevalent nowadays.

Here's a recent posting i replied to:

What do I hate? What hate do I hope begets more hate?

I hate that Islam…
…shrouds women and treats them like cattle.
…routinely murders the innocent.
…is responsible for a growing number of “honor killings”.
…has jihad.
…denies the divinity of Christ.

Another keen observer replied back with this:

I’m not a fan of Islam, either, but I think Theephoenix has a point here in terms of intolerance. By posting things like this you only add to misconceptions and prejudice. And how can you decry the “shrouding of women” when many of your own tradition insist that a woman “shroud” herself at mass?

A third person chimed in with:


He quotes:

By posting things like this you only add to misconceptions and prejudice.


What misconception am I presenting here exactly?


He quotes

And how can you decry the “shrouding of women” when many of your own tradition insist that a woman “shroud” herself at mass?

Are you kidding me? For the record I am not a mantilla-man myself, but if you think a lace mantilla/chapel veil like a doylee (called for by some trad Catholic under penalty of stoning, is it?) and the burkha or hijab are the same thing… Well you are a semantic fight looking for a place to happen. Give me a break.

I finally had to stem this tide of ignorance so i replied with this:

Actually the burkha is based off tradition, not religion.

I really shouldn't have to be mentioning this because I'm assuming I'm having a discussion with someone who knows all the facts.

The small headscarf is all that's required, By Islam and Christianity.

To say it oppresses women, is to say Christianity oppresses women, that's the point he was trying to make.


As for prejudice being put forward, here it is, plain and simple, the points Pope John Paul II would never say against Islam:

1)We oppress women through headscarf (If we do, Christianity does as well)

2) Routinely murder the innocent (Remember the crusades or Hitler?)

3) Is responsible for honor killings? (Christianity is too till this very day, but it was most prevalent in the 17th and 18th centuries; attending history class was very important)

4) Has Jihad (This just means "struggles to be overcome something", obviously I'm not discoursing with a person well versed in Islam. Again this does not mean war, this has been reiterated many times and a well versed person would already know it.)

5) Denies the Divinity of christ (The majority of the world is guilty of this... what's your point, we're not all christian, but that doesn't mean you can't be tolerant?)

Treat thy neighbor as thyself.

Where is the word christian in there?

Jesus would never sanction these comments, John Paul II would never sanction these comments, and the followers of such men should equally never sanction such hateful comments.

This is hate, ignorance, and arrogance at it's peak.

We gain peace through understanding.

Love thy Neighbor as thyself.

At least listen to your God, if you won't listen to mine.


p.s: You can follow the whole conversation here:

That's where this whole event took place.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

What would Jesus bomb?

I don't blame the American people for the blunder of the last 8 years.

I don't blame them for the financial crisis we're living in now.

I don't blame them for electing bush once(They elected gore the other time by half a million votes).

I blame the media.

Religion Morality and Media

Religion is all about morality, freedom all about expression, and media all about the transfer of information.

These three act as a balance and help create a harmony in a country. After all what is true freedom without a moral and just people? What is true religion without the freedom to express it and the ability to reach the masses? What is media without a moral and free society?

Who failed us?

Someone did fail us for the past 8 years, someone who has been keeping all their dirty little secrets hidden and sharing false propaganda.

Someone has been inflating the prices of homes and booming the stock market while the ordinary man and women lives no better.

Someone has hidden the very fabric of any free and just society, which is the accountability of it's leaders in power.


The media has the christian conservatives bombing Iraq.

The media brought 70% approval for the war when it was filled with lies.

The media lost 70% approval for the war once those lies were found.

There exists a free media, finding it is the hard part.

After finally having my eyes opened I see the media for all it is worth.

About half a year now without cable, I can finally see with unfiltered eyes and mind.

Stopping the Addiction

I encourage everyone to do the same as I have. Cut Cable, increase time with your family, and succeed in every goal you've set out to accomplish.

Once you're on the outside looking in, you see the manipulation of it all.

You see the chess moves made about Georgia and Russia, you see the half truths about Iraq and Iran, and you see the greed that stems from it all.

The traditional media has left us, they do not inform and they do not hold people to account for their sins.

All we can do now is wonder, how in the world did the media get christians to ask themselves what Jesus would bomb?

If they can do that, imagine what worse they can do.


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