Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Religion Created by man

Someone on youtube wrote this... yes i can't believe i'm actually quoting someone from there as if they have any merit at all, but i thought we'd raise the point anyways:

People, people...
Religion was something invented to ease the minds of humans who could not explain happenings like weather and outer space. Now that we can do that all scientifically it kinda takes religion out of the picture, Adam and Eve or evolution? I'd have to say there is much more evidence of us crawling out of the ocean billions year ago than Adam and Eve having children and somehow manifesting the billions of people of different races now walking the planet.
No religion, science.

Rather than going on with a very long and tedious response about the inefficiency of mutation and how it only removes, not adds to genetic code, i wrote this small response:

Why waste time fighting against religion when the only life you'll ever get is slowly slipping away.

Btw if you do turn out doing something amazing for humanity, we won't remember it in 1,000 years.

In summary, your life was in vain, as says you, not me.

And science, including cell biology, has disproven the theory of spontaneous generation, more than a century ago.

We did not come from scum from the ocean, that's not what i say, that's what cell biology says and has said for 100 years.

Spontaneous generation, or abiogenesis, are two words for the same thing, organic substances begotten from inorganic ones, which has never been observed or tested.

Anyone who believes in it, is a believer, someone of faith, not someone of science.

Science works within the realms of observation and experiments, anything else is just speculation and faith.

Sounds like religion may have slowly infiltrated science after all.


Some Cops and their Pride

Everyone knows about this very famous video by now, it's about a kid being tazed because he was hard to handle at a forum and was being disruptive.

Here were my comments to the fellow youtubers about that video:

If anyone here is actually bothering to listen to the kid:

He says at one point, " Can you let me go? I'll walk out of here if you let me go. Just let me go" @ 1:20

Instead the cops pin him down, continue to scream at him and threaten him with a taze, because they INSIST on arresting him...

Insist on arresting him

Insist on arresting him

Because their pride got a little bent.

Cops need to grow up and stop acting like children, a man would have let him get up and go like he'd asked.

I made those comments because the theme of the previous comments seemed to be authoritarian and negative because the kid seemed to have broken the rules of the forum or been unruly.

But the second he gave in, the second he said he'd leave, he wasn't given that chance and the officers truly abused their power.

It wasn't about stopping the kid anymore, it was about fixing their dented pride, something a lot of humans have problems with.

Fixing your pride shouldn't come at the expense of someone else's freedom, liberty, or honor, especially if you're given the legal right to.

It's why older siblings sacrifice for the younger ones, take hard blows to their pride, and suffer consequences, so that the younger siblings can learn and live in peace.

In this case, the older sibling abused his power and decided to punish the confused younger sibling who was just making a ruckus, even after the younger sibling admitted defeat.


(p.s: Sorry about the italics, for some reason my browser was having problems with blogger, and it wouldn't let me take off the italics... oh well as long as it's still legible.)

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Unconditional Intervention for Israel

Intervention works in certain situations where it is our duty as a citizen of the world to save our fellow human beings.

We have lost touch with that, and now we intervene for the sake of intervening.

The video above shows our stance when it comes to Israel and how we will defend it for no good reason.

For some reason Israel is always right and everyone else (Syria, Palestine, Lebanon, Jordan, etc) is always wrong.



Not only do we intervene when unnecessary, we rebuke other interventions that actually are being done for good reasons.

Take the Georgia - South Ossetia war.

Georgia attacks south ossetia to topple it's democratically elected government and force it to rejoin with Georgia.

After thousands being killed, Russia comes in and stops the war, and protects South Ossetia from the invasion.


Our response, to rebuke and punish Russia...

And for what? Protecting South Ossetia?


I'm all for intervention when it's needed, like WW1 and WW2, to stop Hitler.

But we're not intervening where we should now(Somalia, Sudan, North Korea, Palestine, China, etc)

And we're starting conflicts where we shouldn't (Iran, Georgia, Russia, etc)


Here's the consequence of intervention where it isn't needed:

I hope America wakes up before another attack.

I blame the media for helping lull Americans to sleep and spinning propaganda day and night.

Media reform is desperately needed in times like these, where the truth is being covered up 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.


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