Saturday, August 2, 2008

Stories must finish eventually

(The light eventually burns out and we're either left in perpetual darkness, or the sun rises and brings forth the day)

My comments given on a forum about the end of Avatar: the Last Airbender and why every amazing story must finish sooner or later:

Maintaining the Integrity of a story

Before we begin i'd just like to mention a name: Harry potter.

Why do i mention that, especially in an avatar thread and forum?

Heres why:

Harry potter and a number of other amazing series taught us one thing, that good stories have to end sooner or later. Why do good stories have to end? Because if you want to maintain the spirit of a story, not go off tangent, and you want the story to remain amazing, you cannot keep it going forever.

It seems with avatar, the creators decided to end it at a certain point. Imagine now, trying to continue a story that they've ended with no purpose and no aim, where would this new story lead? What would we gain from it? Would a purposeless story help the avatar series?

What i'm trying to say is simple, we all want one thing in this forum, to have a great story, and maintain it's integrity.

Asking for a new season is simple, but what we really want is the enjoyment we had in the first three seasons. The truth is though, we'll never have that again because those days are gone and that chapter is finished.

The writers had a purpose then, a story and a path, an aim, a message, a voice calling to them.

That's why it succeeded, that's why we loved it.

The voice is gone now, having given everything it had, having created the path for much enjoyment, it left. In some stories it stays for 10 seasons, in others just 2 or 3.


Closing the book

What i've learned from the many stories i've read, from the thousands of adventures i've been in, from the amazing twists and turns i've wound through, is that eventually the story has to end.

It ends because there was a reason it started, a purpose, an aim, a trouble, and when that trouble is solved, when their aim is fulfilled, then their chapter in my life finishes because they are complete.

We all want the same thing, to feel how we felt during those first 3 seasons, to make avatar have a purpose again, to destroy the world so he can save it.

But sooner or later, he either succeeds or he fails, and on that day we end the story.

The story has ended, in my opinion it was in a good way(though i do have some critiques), to ask for another season would mean to destroy the integrity of the avatar.

Lets keep the integrity of Avatar intact, lets let his story ring true for many other generations to love, and lets not currupt the gift we've been given by trying to stretch it too thin.

My only advice now is to find a new adventure, there are many awaiting, and i am reading one now.

The next adventure is the only solace to having finished the last. Trying to stretch the last one after it has finished, will inevtiably destroy it's soul.

Avatar will live forever, lets let it live as a perfect story of amazement and success, lets not destroy it because of our greed.

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