Friday, June 27, 2008

Weapons with Liability

We need more weapons that subdue people and less that kill while doing it.

Here's what i mean:

There are weapons, which when used, can be determined to kill if used excessively.

For example, A Baton WILL NEVER kill a Human.
It Can kill a human.
But if we see a Police Officer has killed a human with his police baton, that police officer will likely go to jail for Police Brutality.
Such weapons, like the one i just gave, CAN KILL, but only in circumstances where the Cop can clearly be seen as the perpetrator.

WHEREAS with a Gun, a cop could have accidentally killed someone, by shooting a running suspect, accidentally hitting him in the Head.


Weapons with liability, that would definitely send shivers up the spines of a few cops.

No more happy trigger fingers?


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