Friday, June 27, 2008

Verizon doesn't know Math

This is an old one but a good one.

A summary of the situation from (

George Vaccaro wanted to point out to Verizon
that they were saying ".002 cents" and meaning to say ".002 dollars"
but he found that every single person at Verizon did not understand the difference.

Around May 2007, YouTube deleted the video with views near a million.

Listen to the audio here:

Basically he was billed 70 plus Dollars, instead of 70 plus cents.... that's a huge difference in the bill.


My reply to the problem:

This is what i would have told them:

Take .002 cents, Multiply it by 500, what do you get?

1 cent.

1 cent right?

Let's do this, 35,000/ 500 (Divide 35 Thousand, by 500, to see how many cents we get)

Oh, 70 cents? Makes sense... but wait a sec... you charged me 70 dollars?

Lol ya i know guys i used nice numbers.

His number was like near 35 thousand, so i just used that, but you get the idea, and he owes like 77 cents....

Maybe they would have gotten it that way?


Anyways, that's just how i would have explained it.

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