Monday, June 30, 2008

Role of Government

A brief summary i once wrote about the people and government; just to start things off:

The power is with the people.
Unless you are a totalitarian...

The government is for the people and by the people, in order to protect our civil liberties.
Its abilities stop after that point and become frivolous politics.
The power lies with us, the people.


I love how republicans write things like, "The Government is inefficient", or "The government does wasteful spending", or "It's all Government Bureaucracy".

So why is it that i love it when they say things like that, mainly because the government is the REFLECTION OF IT'S PEOPLE!!!

It will be as strong, trustworthy, caring, and JUST as it's people.

I know what your saying now though, "Phoenix it's not my fault America does such things over here, or over there, and I can't stop them, I've tried, It's all the presidents fault!!"

When a government wretches control away from the people through marginalization or political tactics, it is no longer a government but a group of individuals in power (aka you now live in a totalitarian state).

IF you truly believe that you have no control over what you government does, than you no longer live in a free state, and are being controlled, in that situation I'd call for a revolution or at least civil disobedience.


This is such a hard point for some to get, maybe because they haven't looked at why a government exists or why we even have them. This is not a game, it's not tradition, governments have purposes and they have owners.


That is if they are truly a free people who have control over a government, otherwise they are the ones being controlled and are now in a totalitarian state.



Refusing to fix a corrupt state, is to enable it to do injustice to it's people and the community abroad. Silence is Enabling too!

So when republicans say:

"The Government is inefficient", or "The government does wasteful spending", or "It's all Government Bureaucracy"

They really should just say:

"This government is a reflection of me, and i refuse to work harder to make it better. I do not trust this organization i helped build and i do not think it is effective. Therefore I want to put 'insert republican demand here' in the hands of Americans who can do it better than the government can, after all American's didn't make the government, so they would be better at managing these things. "[hint of sarcasm at the end there lol :D]

This is why the question of privatizing social security comes up or health care or a myriad of other things.

One party claims the government sucks and the people rock, the other party stares, and shakes their head knowing the government is essentially THE PEOPLE in an organized matter.

I repeat:
THE PEOPLE in an organized matter.
THE PEOPLE in an organized matter.
THE PEOPLE in an organized matter.
THE PEOPLE in an organized matter.
THE PEOPLE in an organized matter.
THE PEOPLE in an organized matter.


As for those who say the government sucks i need only address a few things:

  • 1) The mail gets delivered very efficiently and has been for more than a century. When was the last time you or someone you knew lost a letter or a bill because of the government?
  • 2) Social security checks seem to come on time, and have been for about half a century now.
  • 3) Politicians never get paid the wrong amount and always get paid on time, that's quite inefficient don't you think?
  • 4) Do you go to work? How do you get there?
  • All those who said Subway, Bus, or any other form of public transportation say "I"!!
  • 5) Oh you drive a car? Really?... Wow...
  • What's that black thing you drive on... a road you say? Who made... your kidding me really... the government? No!!!
  • 6) When was the last time your kids complained school was too easy and they hardly teach a thing? Never.... really... that much homework? Wow....
  • And books.... you mean actual books... and desks... and by god... a teacher?
  • 7) Well it's not like these kids receive a free lunch, they work hard for their grades!! Wait.... kids with families on low incomes actually get a free lunch at school... everyday? How do they know who deserves it and who doesn't?
  • Organiza ... organizatia.... organization ??? What... what does that mean... like they actual are organized and know who deserves what?
  • Wow.....
  • 8) Man, well at least they don't have free health care, the most hotly disputed thing this year!!
  • Wait.... med.. i ... cal? Medical ..... it's a government program that allows families with low incomes to actually get cured....
  • What? But how could they ever organize it... oooh... right... the government did it...
  • But wouldn't it take months to see a doctor after all that bureaucracy?
  • Really... after filing and being accepted you see a doctor whenever you want? And a dentist!!!
  • WOW!!! o.k stop stop.... stop there
  • STOP !!!
  • 9) Man, we're so busy organizing this stuff how are we ever going to defend ourselves?
  • We... actually have a ... wait... we have... the greatest military force the world has ever seen from the beginning of time till now....
  • Well they must be inefficient after everything else we're doing, how do we keep track of it all right?
  • We can bomb any country within 24 hours..... really?


The government is inefficient..... yea... right... and the boogey monster is real.

Republicans, come up with better arguments to privatize NEEDED government programs that better society, socialism is the wave of the future, a wave that will sweep your greedy ways to the side.


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