Friday, June 27, 2008

Pirating versus Respecting Copyright

Big business has too much power. So much that the consumer is currently their slaves. We are at the point where there is near nothing we can do about it.

I will admit right now that i am a pirate and have been for a number of years.

Why do i do it? I feel that if someone buys a product and wants to share it with the world, he has every right to.

Right now that's not the case, Dvd's have software protection that doesn't allow the making of perfect copies, EVEN IF YOU OWN IT AND WANT TO LEGITAMETLY BACK IT UP!

This is bogus. Especially when the Dvd company charges soo much for a single disc and plastic.

What is the average rate of dvd? I'd say from 15-20 dollars each.
How much do the companies pay to make that dvd and that plastic, i'd say about 2 dollars each.
They make too much profit and they don't even say you own the dvd but just the right to view it.

Again it's bogus and it's unfair.

Corporate america lining it's pockets with the blood of hard working men and women of the middle class is wrong.

So you know what we decided to do?

Share, and we shared on a HUGE level. Was it easy?

You know how hard it is to keep a torrent seeded with active seeders for 1 week, let alone 1 month.
It took alot of hard work to distribute DVD rips and Software and music.
We have the technology now where one person can share with thousands, sometimes millions.

My take on it is this, Pirating is the result of Corporate america overcharging their consumers. I feel there is nothing wrong with one person being able to share his digital items with many, regardless of how much the person looses in profit.

One day there will be a work around that will allow mass sharing and also give the artists some profit.

It's technology, it's progressing, and it's not going to be stopped.

Imaginge this, South Korea invents a machine that is 10 feet by 10 feet by 10 feet.
In this big metal box there is a Vertical divider, basically one empty space on one side, a wall, then another empty space on the other.
Now you insert whatever you want, food, materials, money, computers, and after 2 days, you get an exact copy.

Do you know what this means?
We could end hunger by using thousands of these machines to send food to millions of people around the world.
Free computers.
Free equipment.
Free everything.

What do you think would be done with this machine?

I think it would be banned and prohibited from EVERY country in the world. Why? Because profits would be lost from corporate america.

I see pirating in the same way. Pirating HELPS the artist, it gives him a wider fan base, allows the music to be distributed faster. Same with software, especially open source, where then you can take the software and improve it.

I think pirating is banned for the same purpose, it's a step forward for technology, and yet it's banned because it takes away corporate profits.

If you look at the bigger picture though it helps all people in general.

Just like that machine I mentioned before, It's able to clone ANYTHING, do you really think the U.S would allow it to exist?
Even if we had the technology now, wouldn't governments be doing everything possible to stop the creation of such a device?
Wouldn't this device help the world over? Stop hunber? Be the answer to all our dreams?

Sadly the cause of the Eulas and the overcharging is all from one source:

Corporate America and Big Business.

Pirating is the result of it and of our technological advancements.

There is a war going on right now and i stand with the consumer and the greater good for the greatest amount of people.

People will have to take sides soon and eventually the machine I mentioned will be made, it will be up to you to allow its creation or destroy it.

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