Friday, June 27, 2008

Neocons - Destabalization

The New Fascist Movement Taking over the United States of America

The Neo Con Movement.

Neocons Agenda:

AIPAC and Neocons:

Pt.1 The Neocons - Ideology and Fantasy

Pt.2 The Neocons - Rumsfeld's Imaginary War

Pt.3 The Neocons - Birth of Islamic Extremists

PART 4: Recruiting Christians/Concept of Terror

Pt.5 The Neocons - CIA's $1Billion Backs Future Terrorists

Pt.6 The Neocons - Ignored Warning of Terrorists

Pt.7 The Neocons - Destruction of the Republican Party

PT.8 The Neocons - Clinton's Blowjob / Extremist Rampage

Pt.9 The Neocons - "There's No Al-Qaeda Organization"

Pt.10 The Neocons - "We're Gonna Find Those Evil Doers"

Pt.11 The Neocons - Hunt for Osama / The Disney Terrorists

Pt.12 The Neocons - Godzilla was a Terrorist Mentor

Pt.13 The Neocons - Dirty Bomb / Precautionary Principle

Pt.14 The Neocons - Fear is the Only Agenda

I hope everyone can provide info about it here, and watch these videos on Youtube.
The Neocons will destabilize the world if given the chance.


[p.s: Sadly the 14 part series on Neocons has been taken off of youtube, but i'm sure you can find it elsewhere just using the titles.]


More info about the neocons:

This is a disturbing trend, that power is going from the hands of the people to the hands of the weapons dealer.

There are no more clear foes, so now they've made thier own.

China: May be evil but is one of our greatest allies when it comes to the economy and trading.
Japan: Stands right under us, with a strong booming economy that helps lift our own, our second most powerfull trading partner.
Russia: All up in shams, giving up it's dream of conquest no longer becoming a threat to America
Europe: Now united mostly, under currency and the E.U

With such a peace blossoming during the clinton administration the Neocons decided that they needed a change.

Thus making our new enemies:

Osama bin ladin and his cult
Sadam Hussein and Iraq
Iran(so called dreams of nuclear ambition)
North Korea(a crazed terrorist state with proven Nuclear Weapons)


The only state i consider a real threat is North Korea, But i wouldn't dare invade them becuase they pose no direct threat to us.
Why go around killing innocent people and bombing countries if you don't have to?

We live in an ever changing world my friends.

We haven't lost all power, and they don't control all the wars yet.
But now is the time to act, and the first step is to spread the Truth, Next comes action.
Take all you have learned here and spread it, then proceed to stop injustice as you see it happen.

"The people working together as one group have never Lost any war"
~~Quote by Me

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