Friday, June 27, 2008

Men and Morality (Oxymoron?)

Morality, for most men, is seen as a weakness and controlling ones self seems illogical but I'll explain why they're wrong in 1 short story:

A group of very strong men were arguing a bit about who the strongest of them was. One man claimed he can run faster then the others and thus his legs were the strongest and legs were also the most important limbs. Another one said he could pick up objects no one else can and that hands are the most versatile limbs, therefore he was the strongest. Another mentioned that he lifts more weight than the runner and runs faster than the lifter of weights guy, and thus he was best overall and should be called the strongest.
The arguing continued, getting very heated, with no end in sight.

Slowly a man in very modest clothes and not of a very strong stature comes near the men and he has their attention. They silence themselves and watch as the humble man slowly opens his mouth, speaking very gently, "The strongest among men are they who can control their temper".

And with that he slowly walks away.

That was just one trait, one example of controlling yourself and your desires, not letting them run rampant.

I think the hardest war on earth, is the internal war among each person; those who best control their lower desires. Anyone can give free reign to their needs, to what makes them feel good, and this is the biggest temptation among guys.

Might it be easy to gossip in a certain situation, or break your word to a friend when it’s convenient, or cheat on your girlfriend because you’re tempted, or lie when you have no other choice?

It would be. But then why should you ever be trusted again if your morality, ethics, and good name, sway depending on the situation?

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