Friday, June 27, 2008

A logical Standpoint

Everything in this world is relative, we know nothing absolutely.

What we're discussing, is IF our relative views, our eyes, our measurments, WERE correct.
That there is a universe.
IF our relative calculations, and our relative experiences are correct, THEN constants, are constant.


It's not hard to argue... well, we could all be in the matrix.

Which is what you are saying basically.
I understand that the constants might not be constant, EVEN though we've tested them millions of times.
I understand that.
Everything is relative to our 5 senses, and our measurement tools.


But you have to start somewhere, you need something to work with.
And we've been working with what we have.
And today, we have the internet.
I'd say, our calculations are pretty accurate.
Oh, and we also have the ability to go into space, a very costly, and amazing feat.


So do i believe constants are constants, yes.
And do i believe there is a universe, yes.
Have we been flurishing thus far in science, yes.

Could we all be wrong, and everything we thought turned upside down, yes.
Do we know anything absolutely, no.

So please, from now on, Argue from a LOGICAL standpoint, because we all know things could be the opposite of what they appear to be.

Again, because we all have to start somewhere, such as, I am here, at this point.


Someone goes on to mention that what is true for us is just those little electric signals interpreted by our brain given to us by our senses.

I reply with this:

I understand what you mean, i've heard of it from the black box situation.

Basically, you have a back box, something is in it.

You can't see the box, or use your 5 senses to figure out what's in it.

Someone might say, let's just xray the box, you'd still be looking at the xray, using your viision, to determine what is in it.

The actual xray would be fine, but the process of you looking at the results ruins it.


Basically the point or premise of the situation is to show you no matter what you do, eventually, everything filters into you through your sense of touch, eyesight, hearing, sense of smell, or sense of taste.

Thus, we can't absolutely know anything because of the limits of our own tools, our senses.


But for us to get anywhere, do anything, we need to start somewhere.
And our starting point, is our brain, and 5 senses.

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