Friday, June 27, 2008

Hesitant to Date

In the west, Hesitancy to date is looked at as very weird.

As a guy, you are allowed to have any girl you want, and use her as a tool for whatever you like.

Not only that, but if you get tired or bored of her, you can dump her.


To take the soul, heart, and beauty of a woman and leave her there stranded, is unjust, immoral, and an unacceptable crime.


Why do i bring this up, because a girl was fighting within her self wondering why the only way she could find a guy is to date when she knew dating was an easy way for her to be abused and have her heart torn.

Why is it a lot of Female singers here either talk about scorn of guys, calling them pigs, and also sing songs of true purity deep within their hearts? Singing of the pain they felt, true unflinching pain.

Because they had to go through this, they gave in, decided to date, and were abused.


Heres my answer to the girl who didn't want to date, but still wanted to find Mr. Right:

The person you want, the one who will complete you, will not fall into your lap.

The most precious things in this world have always been fought for, or worked hard for. A man may sweep you off your feet but he may not be the man you want. And the man you want may be just as shy as you, but you'll never find him without the Initiative.

The key here is, don't sell yourself for nothing, don't give your body and soul to someone, date them, and trust they won't hurt you. Because you'll get hurt, hardly anyone's first date ended up being their husband/wife.

So look for the person you want with all your heart, and if you think you've found him, become good friends with him, and then if everything seems to be working well, and your both on the same page, marry him.

Dating is essentially marriage without commitment. I leave you with one quote about why dating without commitment is bad "To love someone is to give them the power to destroy you, but trusting them not to."

No commitment = eventual destruction of the soul from within.

The whole idea of this post wrapped up:

Guys need to give a women some sort of commitment before you take her for all she's worth. Dating doesn't offer that, and is a lame excuse for using her.

For the suffering to end, the system needs to be re invented. A kiss for a girl and then an immediate breakup, can be an experience she will never forget and will feel pain about for the rest of her life, while you go on living ignorantly.

What does dating answer as a solace to this dilemma?

"Move on, pain is normal, but it fades.

Let another guy use you for all your worth, and if he's not Mr. Right, let another guy use you.

After you've given your heart more than 100 times, then you'll find Mr. Right and give him what shred of your heart is left."

This is unnacceptable, Woman are worth more than this, and I'm ashamed to say the majority of my Gender here in the west has become complacent about using them like this.


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