Monday, June 30, 2008

Forums- Never trust them

So you might be wondering about the topic of my post today, lets just say this will be a rare frustrated/angry post.

Basically as you can tell from my other posts, most of them are discussions on forums with other people.

  • I put these on my blog firstly because i wanted to preserve them.
  • Secondly they were philosophical debates i had with other people and i got a lot of insight from them. I thought that i could share this insight with others by posting them for all to view.
  • Thirdly they took a lot of time and effort to write, so rewriting them would never get the essence that i put into the first draft.


So what's the problem and why am i mad?

Basically there is one thread in particular that I can't find, and it seems the forum either removed it or a moderator deleted it.

It in no way was controversial really, it was very insightful and I've been looking for hours now trying to find it, sadly I've now given up.

What i did get was a post i wrote about the thread, in another thread, that is a good summary of my thread.

I will post that after this post, but still i am angry at the fact that that post is missing, and after trying internet archive, Google cache, and a few other techniques i can't retrieve it. (If you have any other idea of how to get it let me know).

On a bit of good news, i have the exact URL for it, the forum just tells me that this particular thread is not there.


Anyway, the moral of the story is, back up your well written, concise threads/posts that you would like to keep.

I've done that for a few threads of mine, but nearly not enough, and I've learned my lesson the hard way.

Don't trust forums, your thread will be gone, with or without your permission, and that's a fact.


There was a whole other forum that is dedicated to deep discussions altogether, and after going to that forum and trying to retrieve those posts, i remembered that months ago, because of a hard drive failure, they had lost millions of posts and thousands of threads.

Nearly all of mine were included in that, so you won't be getting to hear my opinions on those topics, my favorite of them being religion.


A quote to end this off with

Again don't trust forums... "I learned the hard way, don't travel that path I've shown you it's not a good option, and if you do follow it, don't complain when you fall in the same hole i did."
~Quote by Me


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