Friday, June 27, 2008


Which evolved first : the termite? or the critter in its stomach that digests its food for it? and how did one survive without the other til the other evolved?


There are really 2 drivers to evolution, Mutation and Natural Selection.

Natural Selection just selects, it chooses the most fit, but it doesn't create anything.

So what does all the creating? What creates our mind, different beak sizes, and the human eye?

What creates?


There is only 1 mechanism in Evolution that creates, that is Mutation, something even Darwin didn't know and didn't mention that was added later to the theory because without it the theory fails.


The key here though, is that Mutation can't create new Alleles, or at least we haven't observed that.

So scientists are making claims that are unproven.... isn't that unscientific?

They are also making predictions based on unproven claims... isn't that unscientific?

What ever happened to logic?
In Logic to check if a Deductive argument is sound you tested its truth values.... but we haven't done that with Evolution or Mutation.

The truth Values of Mutation, an argument for the ages.

And without Mutation, there is no variation, No change, and thus no Evolution.

Everything has an Achilles heel, everything.

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