Friday, June 27, 2008

Everything Starts at an Assumption

It all started with this(I'm the one replying to all the quotes):

Theoretical physics isn't fiction...

Well it isn't fact.

Let's call it an educated guess?

Better? :D

I'm not a fan of "fact". Social reality is too subjective, physical reality is based on too much assumption.

So you don't trust any human observation?

Is it all about math than?

How do you check answers?

Obviously not logic or observations.

I'm confused, seems like a hard life to live lol.

No, math can be proved. There is no assumption except in induction, which ends with proof that the assumption is true or false.

Like it or not, but we do rely on the little charges in our brain that tells us something is right or not.

If we didn't, we couldn't distinguish truth from fact.

So you are left with 2 choices.

Trust your own intellect.

Or Not.

If you don't, you can't prove anything, because again you are using your brain which is at fault.

I choose to trust my judgment and if it isn't logical, i won't take it into account.

And through such logic and wisdom humans invented math, biology, and physics.

People used to agree that the world is flat.
Humans will always be biased, imperfect, socially driven creatures.
All I'm saying is that HUMAN EXISTENCE is inherently subjective.

And yet here you are on the interent, having your words spread to the entire globe, with the power to research any topic at the palms of your fingertips.

We are stupid little creatures arn't we woot !


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