Friday, June 27, 2008

Enlightening the world or Forcing Beliefs

This all stared from a single statement made by someone asking why we should let people live ignorantly, if we perceive the truth to be something else altogether than what they believe.

Their statement:

Thats what I mean. No logical person would believe half of this tripe and yet so many do just because they're told it. Why should we let people live in ignorance and claim things that they can't explain are gods/spirits/angels/dead relatives when there are really beautifuly simple explanations for them in science.

My response:

You can't force your beliefs on others.
Look at history, when has "ENLIGHTENING" anyone helped?

Slavery in America, Destruction of the Indians, Conversion of the Mexicans, the crusades, THERE ARE MILLIONS OF CASES where people forced their beliefs on others.
It never turns out well.
If you have the truth, than speak about it, and be done, be content with yourself.

That richard dawkins guy is opening up a can of worms when he openly attacks religion, and says in his own video he's funding research to see when religion is most susceptible in child's brains.

Please, Don't enlighten anyone, you might be 100% right, and i could be totally wrong, but if we're both going to die and be forgotten, What's this need to start wars and arguments.

Clasp my hand, join us ignorant god fearing folk, and lets change the world for the better, get rid of Aids in Africa, stop the genocide in darfur, fix Iraq, and a MILLION other problems.
Then once our world is rid of problems... probably never, maybe you can enlighten us then.


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