Monday, June 30, 2008

End of copyright

If you liked my last post you have to read these:

"The End Of Copyright"

"When Pigs Fly The Death of Oink the Birth of Dissent and a Brief History of Record Industry Suicide"

"Embrace File sharing or Die"

You find a lot of people are arguing that there is no other way to live without copyright, even if it's death is inevitable.

Hence a new model of distribution has been thought up, by the author of the first link:

"The donors have to trust that the developer will finish it, of course; but this is effectively how freeware development works now. Somebody makes a name for themselves with a piece of freeware; they ask for donations; the donations help to fund further work on a new version. So far it has only been tried on a small scale, but—as the mobile and casual games are showing us—there’s still plenty of demand for small scale games in the world.

(A variant of this system, pioneered by cyberspace engineer Crosbie Fitch, is already in place for music, except that people give pledges rather than donations. When the musician releases the work, she collects all the pledges made towards it. See for details. Credit where it’s due: I first heard about this whole idea from Crosbie.)"

Very simply a point i try to make all the time, made by the first author:

"If the public simply refuse to acknowledge that copying books or movies or software is wrong, then in a democracy, it will eventually cease to be wrong. People elect the legislators, and legislators make the laws."

Simply put, Copyright is ending and the billionaires and millionaires who profit from it, who are too greedy to share to the world, who don't know what a content life means, will fall.


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