Friday, June 27, 2008

The Dragon and the Cave (Greed leading to Need)

A story taken from a movie:

A village hired a dragon to guard all their priceless artifacts. They found a cave with only 1 entrance, next to the side of a big mountain, and they had the dragon stand guard every moment of every day.

They also had to feed him as part of the dragons pay. Even with his daily meals the villagers would sneak extra food to him, to try and get him stronger and bigger.

They did this in order to have the dragon become so strong that he could never be defeated. Much time passed, and the dragon became bigger and bigger and bigger, until finally the hole was totally encompassed by the dragons body, and the treasure lost forever.

The morale of the story is, greed, especially when it comes to money, is a very bad thing.
The villagers got greedier and greedier, and would not stop at anything to keep their items safe.


Greed is why people suffer, one man feels he is entitled to more than what others have and soon his greed leads to another persons need.

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