Friday, June 27, 2008

Death and Materialism

Although this tree was felled during one of our storms it resisted the upcoming death and is still alive.

Someone once posted this on a forum:

"Love is suicide."

"To live is to die."

"Die before you die and be reborn in the light of god."

"One must me empty before one can be full."

Maybe, one day some of you will understand all of this The rest of you never will and you will instead live normal lives.

Pray for longevity.

I replied with this, my interpretation of his post:

Separate yourself from this Materialistic world before you die.

Have no need for this, and be ready for the next world.

We weren't meant to be here, and this is similar to the dreams we have, when we wake we see the real world.

We are all veiled... this world hinders our view of The Truth.

When we die, we have that Veil Lifted.

Lift yours now before you die.

Someone else replied with this:

Don't forget to actually go out and live a bit instead of only contemplate life and death, kids. Wink

Words are all nice and pretty on the outside .. but hollow compared to actions.

My reply:

To live is fine, and i understand your point.

But when all you see around you is temporary and fake, then you need to focus on the afterlife.

Should no such afterlife exist, than we are all doomed.

And meaning tends to lose it's grips with life.

They reply:

You create your own meaning, it does not come to you sitting behind a computer screen talking like you already know everything.

If all of this is fake, then why waste time here?

My reply:

I'm taking your advice Wink

Making the best of it while here, but i'm focused on the next life.

If i had to leave this, to make more time for the next life, i would, thankfully i have enough time for both.


Some people mentioned again that we were telling people not to have fun in life, after which i replied with this:

This is about realizing the truth in life and dieing on the inside.

THERE IS NO ABSOLUTE TRUTHS, there is only what we have, our senses.

We could all be in the matrix, or his blob world as he put it.

You need some level of belief, that's rooted in facts and rationalization.

WE ALL AGREE life is to be lived, but with the INTENTION OF the future.

So if our future life get's in the way of this life, we make arrangements to fix it, so we can accommodate our next life.

NO ONE is saying don't have fun, HAVE FUN, but don't go crazy , THIS IS all temporary.

It has been called a dream, that when awakened, you see the real life, it goes by fast.

Nothing in our life is Permanent, not even people, Why trade this world for the next?

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