Friday, June 27, 2008

Checks and Balances

3 separate branches of government don't seem enough to me.
There still seems like too much potential abuse of power.

So i devised this new type of government just for fun, I don't know if it will work or not but it does give you something to think about:

10 branches of government:

1) Make laws 2) Explain Laws 3) Enforce laws 4) Check to see if it Matches the Constitution 5) Change salaries 6) Economic Infrastructure

7) house of War and Peace, foreign Affairs 8) house of Government reform 9) Socialistic house of wealth to the needy 10) Oversight on all houses.

Something like that would be very tricky.
Also i do not believe in a Representative Government, Currently we have the Technology to host DIRECT ELECTIONS.
I want Pure democracy, No more of this representative Nonsense.

Those are some of my political ideals, and i lean towards taxing the rich for the needy, and social welfare programs.

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