Friday, June 27, 2008

Chaos Theory and The Butterfly Effect Movie

Basically, This is what I've learned from Chaos theory, EVERYTHING you do has an effect on your future, a HUGE effect.

Had your father sneezed 4 minutes before going up stairs to see your mother and start your conception, that sneeze itself might have been one of the causes of your birth.

Consider this, let's say there was a way to stop your father from sneezing, and lets say someone went back in time and did that.

Your father would enter into a new train of thought because he hadn't sneezed, he wouldn't be thinking about sneezing, and he probably would be doing something else, or continue doing what he was working on.

Now let's say he decides to Join your mother 2 minutes LATER than normal, because there was no sneeze, and let's say because of this 2 minutes later, i now am given different genes because the sperm cell that was supposed to reach that egg never made it, and a new one made it.

Basically, that sneeze is like the butterflies flapping, and the hurricane on the other side of the world is my conception.

Now, it doesn't even have to be a sneeze, it could be a thought, let's say someone outside SCREAMS, really really loud.
You think about it and that thinking leads you to do certain actions.
Let's say now, that someone stopped that other person from screaming, you would enter into a different frame of thought.

My point after all this is basically, very minimal things have very dramatic impacts on your future, so make sure you make the right choices even if they may seem small.

Those small choices in the end are the ones that truly matter even if they don't seem like it.


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